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About Enamelled wires

Conducting wires, non-ferrous metals, copper or aluminum are coated with different type of insulating enamels based on synthetic materials, in order to prevent electrical short circuit between wires.

Accredited Laboratory

With implementation of modern Lab. Equipped by all necessary facilities and equipment has entitled LACSIM Co.‘s Lab as “ Accredited Lab “ in compliance with norm Iranian Standard ISO IEC 17025 has carried out the Lab quality management according to 17025 and obtained

Quality Control

Obliged with commitment to quality and highest respect to our customers satisfaction as fundamental principles, the quality control on our enamelled wire products are carried out in well-equipped and modern Lab.

LACSIM Products

Our prime goal and main intension has been to support and serve local industries consuming assorted types of enamelled wire as well as promoting our international market by implementing utmost up to date technology with the highest modern machines made by the best known suppliers along with our high trained employee and expertise