About us


LACSIM enamelled magnet wire manufacturing co. started out in 1986 obliged to highest quality product, outstanding performance and competitive prices.
Our reliability, compatibility and versatility receives the highest attention with interest and it has been proven since then.
Our wide range of production includes:
1. Assorted sizes of round enamelled copper and aluminium wire.
2. Flat (rectangular) copper wire.
3. Flat and round bare wire, suitable for isolation with various materials e.g. paper, silk and etc.
The productions meet various thermal classes and fully comply with international standards accordingly, to name;
A. Enamelled wire resistant against Freon gas, suitable for relevant compressors.
B. Enamelled wire with solderability characteristics (PU)
C. Enamelled wire with self-bonding affect.
D. Enamelled wire compatible in thermal classes from 120 to 200 ℃
Our prime goal and main intension has been to support and serve local industries consuming assorted types of enamelled wire as well as promoting our international market by implementing utmost up to date technology with the highest modern machines made by the best known suppliers along with our high trained employee and expertise.
Obliged with commitment to quality and highest respect to our customer satisfaction as fundamental principles has made us a reputable firm such that, the name of “LAC SIM” resembles whatever one could demand from a production plant for superior quality.
In order to guarantee the highest level of quality and technical modernization for its products, LAC SIM has built up a series of scientific in quality control according to international specification.
ISO 9001: 2008 certificate and accredited laboratory with equipment, can secure highest level of all quality test numerous sets of well-known brand quality control requirements at “LAC SIM”