Magnet Wire

Conducting wires, non-ferrous metals, copper or aluminum are coated with different type of insulating enamels based on synthetic materials, in order to prevent electrical short circuit between wires.
Conductors, insulated by very thin layers of enamelled through the highest precision coating process by enameling machines, it is called “Enamelled wire”
These insulated wires are used in electrical devices used in modern life, to name, electric motors, generators and transformers as well as almost all home appliances.
In one statement, we need tightly winded wire coils from enamelled wires to generate electromagnetic fields for electrical devices.
Enamelled wires based on its usage are produced with different thermal classes with its appropriate wire enamels ( Varnish ) thermal class indicates the highest temperature that enamelled wire withstands, below table indicates the most applicable thermal classes;

Thermal class Temperature ℃ application
E 120 Oil immersed transformers
F 155 Universal motors, coils, relays and instrumentals
H 180 General motors and home appliances
C 200 Power and distribution transformers and compressors.